We as Christians need to start being good Bereans and research to make sure what we are putting out there is in fact true and not some rumor. When we put out rumors, specially in this day and age, we can easily be shown as a fool. If that happens, it damages our witness and credibility to share the gospel.

So when things sound spectacular, then we need to try to find credible resources to authenticate the actual story and see if it is truth or just internet rumors.

I am not a fan at all of the current administration. I think that the healthcare bill is not one about health, it is one about control.

I am doing research into the “death panels” as they are being called, and that is something that is showing to be factually true. No, they are not called death panels, but that is what it comes down to. A group of bean counters will determine if you or others need an operation. If you are over 70 the odds are highly against you receiving any life extending treatment. So the alternative is death.

These same sort of “death panels” were also part of Hitler’s great health care plan that he put in place for pre WWII Germany. But he did not stop there, it he also included the lame, cripple, mentally handicapped, basically anyone who was taking from the system and not giving back to be rejected for life extending treatment. Those who could not help the Third Reich and be an active participant was not worthy to be part of Hitler’s health plan.

This slippery slope is where we are headed also. It is only a matter of time, that is if we do not turn this ship we call a nation around and get back to serving God the way we should be.

By Ray Gano