It seemed that indeed the truth would be ‘forever on the scaffold, and wrong forever on the throne’. With great eagerness he listened to the query, ‘How long shall be the vision?'(Daniel 8:13).”

Daniel and the Coming King

Chapter 16

The Gospel In Daniel 9:24

By Dr.Desmond Ford

“It would be tragic if we contented ourselves with an analytical examination of this passage of Scripture. It is not merely a scintillating gem to be admired, but the bread of life to be eaten. It consists of ‘the everlasting gospel’ in minature.”

“That which should concern us all the more than the issues of hermeneutics is the issue of life—our life. Not minutiae of prophetic interpretation, but sin, sorrow, and death constitute ourproblems.

Daniel 9:24 assures us that the world is a ship and not an iceberg, that God is intensely interested in our dilemma, and, best of all, that He has done something to extricate us from the apparent cul-de-sac of existence.

In Christ, the Melchizedekan King-Priest, He has brought in everlasting righteousness, freely offered to all who believe.”

Chapter 14

Daniel and the Coming King—Daniel 9

By Dr.Desmond Ford

“Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest of scientists prior to the modern period, wrote a commentary upon the prohecies of Daniel and Revelations. He desribed Daniel 9:24-27 as “the foudation-stone of the Christian religion” because centuries in advance it gave the time of appearance of the Messiah and His death, as well as a comprehensive description of His saving work in heaven and earth. The prophecy likewise tells what would be the fate of the Jews consequent upon their rejection of the One whose coming they had long anticpated. The destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, foretold in Daniel 9:24-27, was history’s testimony that the offerings and services of the sanctuary had met their fulfillment in the advent of the promised Messiah.”

Newton, Isaac.

Observsations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalpse of St. John. London: J. Darby and T. Browne, 1733 (Isaac Newton)

“All of this while the book itself says it is sealed up, and never will be understood … until the End of Days — which we are living in … ”

Chapter 14

Daniel and the Coming King—Daniel 9

Dr.Desmond Ford 

Seal Up the Vision

“The expression ‘to seal up the vision’ (v.24) should be considered. This expression, ‘the vision’, occurs eleven times in Daniel 8:1 to 10:1, and in all these cases it refers to the vision described in the eighth chapter of Daniel. The reader is advised to read again the entire passage. In pictorial, symbolic form the prophet was shown the unfolding of all future centuries till the second advent of Christ. The famous empires, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, which long oppressed the people of God, are described; but particular emphasis is given to the persecution of the church during the Christian era and also to the supremacy of the couterfeit, apostate religion over most of that period. Christ’s mediatorial ministry in heaven is alluded to, but its eclipse from men’s mind through a counterfeit system is fortold. The sanctuary mentioned refers both to the church temple indwelt by the Holy Spirit on earth, as well as Israel’s typical sanctuary. No doubt Daniel was dazed by this revelation of the apparent triumph of evil. In his lifetime he had witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem’s temple, the center of true religion, and the carrying into captivity of the people of God by an idolatrous and desolating nation. Now in vision he is informed that this state of affairs is to continue on a much greater scale throughout most of the earth’s history.

It seemed that indeed the truth would be ‘forever on the scaffold, and wrong forever on the throne’.

With great eagerness he listened to the query, ‘How long shall be the vision?'(Daniel 8:13).”

“Now in the revelation of 9:24-27 the mourning seer is told that there is a greater Prince of the house of Judah, a greater atonement, a greater sanctuary, and a greater redemption than any ever before experienced by Israel.

The long-awaited Messiah, the Prince, a Priest-King, will take away the sin of the world and end earth’s dark night. Thus 9:24 and 8:14 point to the same reality—the kingdom of God ignaugurated at the first advent and consummated at the second.”