Meredith Kline,


in ‘Kingdom Prologue’



speaks of God


as an Architect-Builder.



“Another architectural dimension of creation comes to view in the course of biblical revelation. Creation was designed to serve a far more exalted function than the housing of a variety of creature-beings in the several distinctive areas of the earth. The cosmic structure was built as a habitation for the Creator Himself. Heaven and earth were erected as a house of God, a palace of the Great King, the seat of sovereignty of the Lord of the covenant.”

The Temple is therefore the ‘face’ of God by which He reveals His thoughts, emotions, desires, and purpose. Creation is Sovereign Temple construction that is in effect a master-matrix, a blueprint of the cosmological intention of the Master Builder. Exod.31:1-11 & Psm.104:1-4,30 reveal the role of the Spirit as Temple Builder



Ezekiel chapter 36 speaks of how God will restore the mountains/mountain of Israel, even the everlasting heights from the enemy’s possession. Ezk.36:2. The key word ‘mountains/mountain’ is used six times from Ezk.36:1-8. The enemy, i.e. Satan and his pawns (Edom, symbolic of the house of Esau, the rebellious line whose purpose has been to raise up an anti-God kingdom throughout history and to control the creation of God for themselves) have essentially “appropriated My land for themselves as a possession”. Ezk.36:5. Satan’s purpose has been to appropriate the LORD’s Eden and to establish a counter God, counter temple, counter kingdom movement and to multiply and fill the earth with his image bearers. Satan has sought to rule and reign over the earth from the high and lofty place that is the ‘mountain’ of God. When Satan took Jesus “to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of ‘the world”, herein we are seeing evidence of how Satan claimed ownership and rulership of the earth. Matt.4:8. Interesting it is to note how subtly the Edenic Temple Mount is in the background of these New Testament passages. Much work needs to be done in this area of New Testament study with the Edenic matrix in mind

The renewal of the covenant and the building of the City Temple in fulfillment of God’s original Edenic purpose permeates the message of Ezekiel. He keeps telling the same story over and over again. We have seen the connection between the promise of a new Exodus, a new Spirit, a New Covenant linked with the promise of a new Temple, and a new City. In Ezk.10:18, because of apostasy, the Glory of God departed from the Temple. Restoration and reconciliation, therefore, is naturally revealed by the Glory of God returning to the Temple. Ezk.43:1-7 records the “glory of the LORD coming from the way of the east” and “the earth shone with His Glory”. “The Glory of the LORD filled the house/Temple.” “And He said to me, ‘son of man, this is the place of My throne and the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell among the sons of Israel forever”. This passage found inaugural fulfillment when the Messiah manifested the Glory of God at His first ‘coming’ and will find final fulfillment at the consummation.

The allusions here in Ezekiel to Gen.1-4 are powerful! The original mandate to have dominion, to be fruitful and multiply, to serve the LORD as kings and priests, to keep covenant, to thwart Satan’s approach by guarding and keeping the Temple, and by expanding the garden and Temple precincts until it fills the cosmos was never fulfilled by Adam.


The second Adam, the Christ, however, clearly understood that this was His mandate and He has alone inaugurally fulfilled it at Calvary and will bring it to consummation at His coming.